The best video production deserves the best equipment!

South and central Florida like the Miami, Tampa, Orlando area is quickly becoming the nations largest hub for business and technology, while already being the juggernaut for tourism. We have the prettiest beaches, the biggest business, don’t we deserve the leading video production? It might not be Hollywood here but Mount Up Media is using the same unrivaled level of cameras as them.

Film making is a craft and while the arts are subjective to personal appeal, quality is an undeniable variable. Deiontrez chose RED Digital Cinema Camera equipment because whether it’s a Netflix documentary or a local gym commercial, it needs the quality. The difference in clean, clear, crisp 5k video wows viewers regardless of the content they’re watching. These things film in not just 5k but 8k, while most TV’s still aren’t even 5k. The difference in these cameras ability to register colors and maintain clarity is immense, you won’t find them at Bestbuy. You could buy all the cameras in Bestbuy and still not have spent nearly the cost of the RED Digital Cinema Camera used by Mount Up Media. These cameras don’t come at a high cost for a luxury name brand, it’s the technology. It would take the rest of this blog post, it to be about 10x longer, and an engineering degree to explain the technological capability. So at the request of our CEO, we will leave the dry technology reading up to you on google.

If you’re in the Tampa, Miami, Orlando areas and you want the highest quality video film production for your business. Consider going with Mount Up Media, if not for the creativity of our craft do it for the quality that comes with our elite level equipment. If you’re looking for video production anywhere even outside of the south / central Florida metropolis. Look for a videographer with a RED camera. Our area, our culture is so vibrant and beautiful. The ole saying — “You should’ve seen it in person” is a true testament to people showing off the videos or pictures they took on a Miami beach. Sometimes though, the picture or video is good enough to actually feel like you’re seeing it in person. That’s the quality you’ll get in working with Mount Up Media. Thanks to not only the first class technology we use but to the operation of that equipment.

You can give a good artist a napkin and no. 7 pencil, they’ll create something cool. You can give a mediocre artist the best paint and canvas, their piece will resemble the extent of their skill. So to truly see a masterpiece, a good artist needs the best tools. That’s why we choose to go with a brand nobody knows, because their quality is rare. You might think Sony or Panasonic make the best cameras or that the best videographers will associated with those brands because of their popularity. We let our masterpieces do the talking. If you want to record a video on a Miami beach, Tampa bay, Orlando cityscape, then make it a masterpiece so viewers feel like they are there! Our culture our vibrancies that your project entails deserves the best tools to display it.

Mount Up Media Videography 101

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